Code Name: TBA

Name: Omar Khan
Age: 20
Weight: 210 lbs
Height: 6'2"
Eye Colour: Green
Hair colour: Brown
Occupation: Unknown

Born into the war torn city of Waziristan of Pakistan, it experienced regular military exchanges between Taliban & the Pakistani military since the war started in 2001, at the age of 16 in 2006, the family of Omar Khan was killed in an attack by a guided missile from the US forces, a ground operation launched by the Pakistani Army in conjunction, was going past the bombed house, when a general who was overseeing the operation, saw the young teenager, frozen in front of the house, speechless and clearly in schock. The general immediately reliased what had happened when he glanced over at the house the teen was standing in front of. He could see blood and limbs among the rubble. The general took the boy into his vehicle within the convoy.

Upon returning to Islambad where his unit was stationed, the General took it upon himself to care for the teenager, offering him a home & food. The General also felt obliged to educate the young teenager, he immediately put his name down for the local private school. The General knew that it would take time for the teen to recover from his loss but felt that the current summer holidays would be adequate enough to help the teen recover with the help of psychiatrists.

The young teen did indeed recover quickly, only in the period of a week after the deaths of his family, he requested that the General do him the small service of allowing him to bury his family with the dignity they deserved, the General agreed. The teen expecting to be taken to the place where his family was killed when the General took him to a military base. Here the General told the teen to follow him, he was taken to a building a 100 metres

away from the entrance. The General had it seems foreseen much further ahead than the teen imagined, the very day that the teens family was killed, he had ordered a team to recover all the teens family members remains.

Using DNA tests, they were told to seperate the remains to be placed in individual coffins for each member. This was the first time that the teen would be reunited with his family's bodies. He immediately broke down when he saw the coffins before him, recalling the very day they lost their lives. He remembered as he was told to go fetch milk for the tea from the local farmer after they had finished the family dinner. Remembering how he bid goodbye to his mother, father, grandma & grandad, as well as passing his little sister in the courtyard, skipping with the a smile on her face. This immediately made Omar gush uncontrollably with tears. He recalled the exact moment he heard the explosion come from the direction of his house, dropped the bucket of milk he was carrying and ran back to his house, turning the corner and immediately falling to his knees with the shock and emotion of seeing raging flames and rubble in the house he had only left moments ago.

The General seeing Omar in distress, put his hand over the his shoulder, and asked "Do you wish to be able to help eliminate the men responsible for this?", Omar without hesitation & unflinchingly proclaimed "I wouldn't rest until till the last man is dead". The General had his suspicions now confirmed, Omar was indeed the right person for his project, the psych reports indicated as much but now he was sure. He asked Omar to follow him & upon reaching a door on the opposite side of the building they were in, guarded by army personnel, the General turned to Omar, "I apologize, but from this point onwards, i must blindfold you as a precation, where i'm about to take you is top-secret & the pinnacle of research by Pakistan". Omar nodded to show he understood, after a glance by the General, the guards grabbed ahold of Omar, while one took out a black blindfold and put it over Omars eyes.

He was taken through the door, and while blindfolded, he was taken down stairs, through many doors & heard many mechanical sounds as they passed the areas. Finally they reach a room, where Omar was put in, a completely white room with a table & three chairs in the middle. Omar also noted a double sided mirror on the opposite side, immediately knowing he had been put in what was an iterrogation room.

The General entered accompanied by a man in a white overcoat, he had combed back black hair, big rectangle glasses and big black moustache with stubble surrounding his face. He also held a holographic ID card, Omar immediately knew this must be a lead scientist on the top secret project. Before Omar could say anything, the scientist asked "Are you ready to undertake the most challenging physical task of your life, and understand that you face certain death?", Omar was taken aback by this but immediately responded, "I lost my life the day my family lost theirs".

The General had found Omar at the start of the school summer holidays, it had been a week since then. The holidays lasted a total of 10 weeks and Omar had 9 weeks in which he would either live or die. If he lived, he would have the opportunity to gain revenge on those responsible for his family's death. The General then spoke, "Omar, you will now remain in this facility, you will be given all the training you require and then, you will be eligible to undertake the experiments required".

Omar understood and simply nodded. The General shouted to the men outside the door, and as he was leaving, he said "Good luck Omar". This would be the last time he would see the General during his time at the facility.

After an hour, some army men came into the room and Omar was told to follow them, this time he was not blindfolded, bu told by one of the men, "You try and run from here, all your going to accomplish is getting shot dead". Omar knew he wasn't even joking about this.

The men accompanied him, or rather more accurately had dragged him to another room, here he was told to take a shower and take off and replace them with the ones placed in front of him on a table.

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